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Ten years ago, I was a principal investigator in FDA clinical trials for both Radiesse and Sculptra to treat patients with facial lipoatrophy, related to HIV and AIDS medications. Many of these patients were doing well, but they had wasted and sagging faces that made them look like they were on Death’s door. Treating these patients was the most gratifying part of my day. We were able to turn around their lives. Today, most of them are still in my care, now working, raising families, in love with others, with themselves, and with life itself.

This experience made me want to take this idea to the next level and create “Lives Fulfilled”: a program that will target a variety of patients with medical conditions that might benefit from improving the way they look. Most of these people cannot afford cosmetic treatment, so it’s a way for me to give back and help out in that way with something that I enjoy doing – rather than just writing a check.

Recently, we’ve partnered with Merz Aesthetics and Victim2Vixen to help cancer survivors get back on their feet, so that they can get back to work and socialize again. Our first patient was Victim2Vixen founder, Anne Dragovcic. Please take a minute to check out her transformational video.

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I’m seeing exciting changes in the world of facial rejuvenation. Surgery is just too simplified to address all of the issues that are involved in aging. Contrary to popular belief, skin isn’t the only thing that shows our age. In order to get a true fresh look, the soft tissue and bone structure also need to be addressed. Furthermore, we don’t have time or money to deal a week-long recovery period – and no one wants to look like they’ve had something “done”.

What I do now is largely non-surgical, thanks to advances in technology and the development of injectable fillers, muscle-relaxers, and devices. I pride myself in taking the time to customize treatments for each patient, using a mix of products to achieve the best results. This is an important shift in the way we view Aesthetic Medicine and Procedures.

Ultimately, there is no cookie-cutter usage for cosmetic products or procedures – though many doctors will do whatever their patients ask for (regardless of whether the results are lasting and natural-looking). There are lots of bargain treatments out there that may not be the safest. Unfortunately, these issues come up far too frequently. In this constantly evolving market, patients need a place to educate themselves.

This blog will introduce a few concepts, such as:

  • Why Many People Start Early to Look Better, Not Just Younger
  • How Our Youth and Beauty Oriented Culture Affects Aesthetic Medicine
  • Cost Benefits of Non-Invasive Treatments – and Why Some Cost More than Others
  • What Fillers, Muscle-Relaxers, Laser Treatments, and Devices Actually Do – and their Differences
  • Wading Through Product Advertisements to Find the Right Doctor and Treatment
  • How to Maintain Results to Keep You Looking Your Best

This site is a place where people can come to see other people dealing with similar things and relate. I plan to highlight different body areas and cosmetic concerns, giving examples of how we treat patients with various issues. Perhaps that will take some of the fear and mystery out of cosmetic procedures. But primarily, this blog is dedicated to providing real information so patients can ask the right questions and make better decisions.